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Lead Time

Replacement offers a standard 15 day lead time. Premium 2, 5 and 10 day available. OEM coils ship in 15 days with approved design.

What do we do? What can you do?

Coil Design manufacturers fin and tube heat exchangers. This is a one stop location for everything regarding Coil Design. Use the Coil Design Web App to define geometry and materials of construction. Online coil performance is available with the most common heat transfer surfaces in the business. Create professional submittals at your pace with time-saving tools.

DX Coil

Coil products. Manufacturing solutions.

We offer coil tube diameters, fin surfaces and materials of construction to handle most HVAC applications. Fluid heating and cooling, refrigerant and steam coils. View our manufacturing details and capabilities.

  • Chilled Water Coil
  • Hot Water Coil
  • Steam Coil
  • Direct Expansion (DX) / Evaporator Coil
  • Condenser Coil

General Coil Capabilities

Tube Tube Wall Tube Pattern Fin Surface Fin Materials FPI Range
5/8 0.020
1.50 x 1.299 Flat
Sin Wave
0.0060 Aluminum
0.0075 Aluminum
0.0095 Aluminum
0.0060 Copper
1/2 0.016
1.25 x 1.083 Flat
Sin Wave
0.0060 Aluminum
0.0075 Aluminum
0.0095 Aluminum
0.0060 Copper
3/8 0.014
0.014 IGT
1.00 x 0.75 Flat
0.0050 Aluminum
0.0075 Aluminum
0.0045 Copper
5/16 0.012
0.012 IGT
1.00 x 0.75 Flat
Sin Wave
Opposed Louver
0.0050 Aluminum
0.0075 Aluminum
0.0045 Copper
IP UNITS, IGT=Internally Grooved Copper Tube

Warranty and service. Count on us.

Coil Design warrants that it will provide free suitable repair or replacement of coils in the event any coil of its manufacture used in the United States proves defective in material or workmanship within twelve (12) months from the date shipped by the Company. See full Warranty.


UL Recognized Component. Listed.

Coil Design is listed with UL. We build coils in accordance with UL 207. UL 207 is the Standard for Refrigerant-Containing Components and Accessories, Nonelectrical.

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About Us

At Coil Design, we all come to work every day because we want to help heat and cool the world. We are a genuine manufacturer proudly located in Dayton, TN. Our team of engineers, seasoned professionals and remarkable employees are truly appreciated. Our core purpose is working with clients to design and create the best steam, refrigeration and fluid coils that exceeds their expectations. Understanding change and adapting to meet customer needs is an important part of any job. That is why we continually strive to improve and promote enhanced communication and customer service throughout our culture. Our mission is to make our customers successful, so we can grow together.